Day 6, Monday – Maracas Beach

Trinidad has the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to and we got to spend the day there.  It’s not very busy because most Trini’s can’t swim and don’t like the surf.  We started out enjoying a world famous “Bake n’ Shark” a delicious sandwich made from fried shark and topped with your choice of 8 sauces (most of them can also melt concrete) and vegetables.

Andre and I had the great privilege of baptizing 3 of our team.  Stacey Wenzel, Breanna Jilek , and Tiffany Carlson all shared their testimonies with us and we were pleased and blessed to baptize them in the warm water with all the beachgoers watching.   It’s hard to hold hands and pray when you are getting pounded with 4 foot waves though!

2 responses to “Day 6, Monday – Maracas Beach

  1. Such a beautiful place to give a testimonial and dedicate yourself through baptism! We all love and miss you, Brianna, especially Pepper!!

  2. Great to hear how God is using you in word and service. Nice to see CJ and Andre exfoliating on the beach. And what a memory!! Baptism in the Caribbean, Awesome.

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