Day 7, Tuesday – VBS and Prayer Meeting

We set out to meet and entertain kids at an orphanage, but when we got there, all of the kids were at a local VBS. So we decided to crash the VBS (with the director’s permission of course!). We had fun painting faces, making clay figures, beading and doing sidewalk chalk. We finished by leading a couple of songs and sharing the Gospel. The director pulled me aside and said that she had been praying all morning for help because they were overwhelmed and didn’t have a real plan. It was a blessing for us and we exchanged contact information. They would like to have us come and put on their VBS next year!
Then we went to a closer church that we had arranged to help with VBS and did the similar ministry. The pastor there also said that we were to contact them so we could run their VBS next year. I’m sensing a theme!
Finally, we ended the day be participating in a bible study with folks from the local church. Stacey and Bethany were able to give their testimonies. I led worship, but halfway through had an allergic reaction to something and my eyes swelled shut and were watering like crazy. They assumed I was having an emotional experience and layed hands on me. Fortunately we were able to continue and had a great time!

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