Colorwars Instructions

  • 980605_475904812479333_1901830450_oI get a fair amount of questions on how to run “Colorwars”

    I buy like 60 of these tempura paints in different colors. Then i will mix them in with water and flour to make a pepto bismall like consistency. Mix big coolers full of water and flour then add the paint.


    It will stain clothes. I tried the washable stuff one time and it just wouldn’t tint the water/flour like i wanted.

    Then i buy a mess of things from dollor general like this×300.jpg and sponge water toys.

  • Each team take turns running different captains/bodyguards teams from each color through the enemy’s territory. You can make the field with cones or rope, but it’s cool if you can get that color flagging tape/fence posts in each color for the fields.   Here’s a diagram of the field:

    The whitest captian wins. Tell them to wear swimsuits under white tshirts. Again, the colors will stain. The magic of the game is that the attackers are trying to get people painted and the bodyguards are also trying to get painted. This way, the paint is maximized on people and not on the ground.

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